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Contrary to popular belief, it is important to understand that most leather care products are developed to preserve & maintain the coloured surface coatings, not the hide itself. Much like shampoos & polishes designed for the exterior protect the paintwork to protect the metal. Also, they are designed more for prevention, rather than cure!

Each generation of leather finishing would eventually develop issues. which required different remedies to that of it's predecessors. For example, the old "solvent/nitrocellulose-based" pigmented coatings (used by tanneries prior to 1980) also contained an oil, which eventually dried out, cracked & then gradually worked its way through the leather. These needed an slightly aggressive 'moisturising' product to be able to absorb into the heavier coatings, like Connolly Hide Care.

Modern water-based pigmented coatings, however do not contain an oil, but suffer from premature wear & staining. These require a 'barrier cream/lotion' with high "slip" content  to repel  these issues similar to the properties of the sealing top lacquer used by the tanneries. That we developed with our Neutral Conditioner & Protector.


Use an old leather care product with an aggressive emulsifier on a modern, delicate water-based finished leather & problems with colour loss, or stickiness  can occur!


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Connolly Hide Care (284ml) & Concentrated Cleaner (500ml)

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Ideal For "Vintage" (or pre: 1990) Leather Upholstery Maintenance
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The traditional product (formerly known as Connolly Hide Food) purchased fresh, direct from manufacturers.

A rich lanolin & beeswax cream ideally suited on older, or vintage "surface pigmented" leathers produced prior to 1990.

It seems to have been adopted as a "generic" leather preserver & has a following on sheepskin WWII flying jackets, saddlery, vintage luggage, antique leather book bindings, hand made shoes etc. but do your research!

The white spirit it uses as an emulsifier helps it absorb & soften the older, heavier, solvent/nitrocellulose-based pigmented coatings, but can be detrimental on modern water-based ones, particularly two-toned (antique) effects or leather upholstery refinished before!

The recipe has changed little over the last 60 years, but leather production has! Usual advise if in doubt is always test on small, unobtrusive area first & stop use if see any colour movement or surface remains sticky even after a few days.

The Concentrated Leather Cleaner is a mild shampoo made to the Connolly's original recipe. 1 part soap to 8-10 parts hot water means that this 500ml bottle will make up to 5 litres of solution!

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