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Delivery & Returns


Cancelling an Order

You can cancel your order up to thirty working days after receiving it.
In order to cancel the order we require written notification of your intent to cancel no later than thirty days after the item has been received. This can be in the form of an email or letter.

If you decide to cancel an order you must send the goods back along with clear information detailing who they were returned by. This information should include an order number, your name and contact details.

When cancelling an order you are responsible for the delivery cost incurred to return the goods.

In the event that a product does not do as stated a full refund will be offered. It will be Leathercare Ltd's decision whether the goods should be returned or not. If we ask for the goods to be returned we will cover the delivery costs.
If a product does not work because it was used on the wrong type of leather it was designed for you will be liable for any delivery costs incurred from cancelling or returning the order.


You have the right to cancel an order within thirty days of receiving it. If, after this time you wish to return the goods for a refund you must inform us in writing.

If you wish to return a product because you no longer desire the item you may be asked to cover the delivery costs associated with returning the item. The amount of the refund will be determined once Furniture Clinic is satisfied that the product is in good condition. If the goods have been used then no refund will be offered.

You must check that all contents have been received immediately on receipt of your order. Any delay in informing Leathercare Ltd of missing items will result in an assumption that products were received as described.

If you are returning a product because it has failed to do as it claims we may ask for proof of this failure. It will be at the discretion of Leathercare Ltd whether to request return of the goods. If we ask for the goods to be returned we will cover the postage. If you send a product back to us without our request you would be expected to cover the postage charges.

If you find that a product is faulty or does not do as stated you have six months to let us know and we will issue a refund.

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