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We have had to implement a 2kg weight restriction within the shop due to those imposed by our "incorporated" couriers with regards shipping liquids.
If whilst progressing with your order, it says we do not ship to your location, it will be due to this restriction. Please either reduce / split the order or contact us & we will find another courier. 
Due to the UK's exit from the European Union, please note there may be further import duties / taxes imposed by the destination country. 

Concentrated Leather Cleaner (500ml) 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2.5L & 5L AVAILABLE

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500ml Will Make up 5 Litres Of Cleaning Solution!
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Product Details

A mild, "concentrated" leather shampoo made to the same classic Connolly Leather recipe. Suitable for cleaning all sealed, surface pigmented leathers & vinyl trim.

A product we have used in all our many years in the leather restoration business! We also supply to a couple of major airlines & football clubs!

Being "Concentrated", you add 1 part soap to 8-10 parts hot water. So, 500ml bottle will make up to 5 litres of cleaning solution!

Simply dilute only what you need "proportionately" in hot water to generate a rich soap solution. Agitate with a quality sponge to generate a rich lather, wring out excess water in bucket & use foam only to clean leather. This should effectively "sweat" out water soluble impurities without you over wetting the leather. This is important if the leather's particularly worn, around switching, or if you have "perforations". Always avoid creating "runs" by soaping from the bottom, up. A soft bristled brush can sometimes be used in creases.

Wring our a microfiber cloth in a separate bucket of cold water to wipe off foam as you go to avoid allowing contamination to dry in again. Change water if goes tepid or interior heavily soiled, or you'll be putting dirty water back onto the leather. Sometimes better to give leather a couple of mild, quick washes rather than one aggressive one! Treat it like your own skin. Hot water opens pores & cold closes them.

Once satisfied with result, apply a "barrier" lotion evenly to wearing surfaces with lint free cloth & allow to dry.

That first clean will usually take time & effort, but next time impurities will be sitting on the lotion & should take a fraction of time & effort!

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