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Car Interiors

About 70% of our work is refurbishing car interiors & since most will actually be OUR (Connolly) leather, who better to trust? Experience from previously working for Connolly & over 30 years since, means we know the limitations of the CONNOLLISING process better than anyone else & can 'sympathetically' restore your interior, whilst still retaining any age & patina required. For example, modern, water-based top lacquers are matt, whereas the vintage nitrocellulose-based sealers have a satin lustre & some ranges, known as "Luxan", even had a darker antique stain washed into the grain.

We work alongside a number of equally skilled coach-trimmers, who can replace any excessively worn, or torn panels & build up any lost interior support. 






Full RECONNOLLISING usually needs a few days in our controlled spray environment, but we can offer an on site 'maintenance' service, where your interior may just need a deep clean & maybe a seat bolster attending to. We currently carry out this for many local super car, Ferrari, Porsche & Aston Martin service centres, or customers with collections/cars too valuable to move.













Many of our classic car customers prefer to remove & leave us with just the interiors so the remainder of the car can be elsewhere for "paint", or mechanical work. 

Always happy to discuss your needs, no matter how big or small. Either phone or maybe email with some pics?


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